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              1. Modern table base design. Square flat bottom plate, colour black


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                Cast Iron Plate Table Base

                Square Plate Table Base Model 5217S

                Square plate 17" table base

                Standard Components

                • 10"Top base (spider) 

                • 25" x 3"Column

                • Bottom base    

                • Tie rod         

                • Glides (levelers)


                Determine the right table base for the size and shape of your table top below. 

                For assistance please email us with your request. sales@stablebases.com


                For Small Table Tops:

                 Model 5217S  

                 Base Size 17"x 17"

                 Weight 28lb

                 Height 28"

                  Model 5217S Fits the following sizes:

                • Round tables           - up to 30" diameter

                • Square tables          - up to 30"x 30"

                • Rectangular tables - up to 24"x 30"

                • Maximum table top size at bar height 30"

                • 2 Bases: 30"x 42" and up to 30"x 72"





                Options include

                Options include


                • Custom Color 

                • Set with 38" bar height column 

                • Set with chrome column

                • Custom Height 



                Automatic Self-Adjusting Glides 


                Eliminates table wobble by instantly
                self-leveling to any uneven surface.
                No manual adjustment required
                400 lb load capacity per set of four
                Range: Up to 1/4" per glide 

                Sold Separately

                Model 5217S Powder coated Standard Silver



                Model 5217S with black bottom and chrome column

                17" Plate table base powder coated in Nickel Metallic

                Flat plate 17" table base with chrome column




                If your table size does not fall within these specs, please contact us for recommendations or download  

                Table Base Size Recommendation.pdf.


                When requesting a quote, please provide the following information:

                - Your table top sizes, quantities, and weight if available. 

                - The table base model and or style that you prefer. 

                - For the freight quote, please provide us with your full shipping address.

                Email to: sales@stablebases.com


                Telephone support available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST 

                Telephone: 604.513.9286 

                Request a quote

                Email: sales@stablebases.com


                Cast Iron Table Bases

                 Table bases in variety of shapes & sizes. From basic Smooth round to Classic (ornate) with fine detail design. 

                 Table bases at standard dining height 28" up to bar height at 42". 

                 Available in variety  of colors or chrome finish depending on customers individual taste. 

                 We also offer Bolt down table base in regular and bar height for bars and pubs. 

                 Table bases to suit any decor and design. For more detailed information and  to learn how to size table base to your  table top please visit our  home page, or contact us by email for more information.

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