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              1. Table Bases | sTableBases.com


                Table Bases Restaurant, Bar & Pub Metal Cast Iron Stands   

                Table Bases Restaurant Furniture Canada

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                Stainless Steel Round table base. Cast iron table bases. Ornate, Vintage & Bistro table stand at standard dining height or bar height. Restaurant & Dining room metal table pedestals. Round base with smooth black finish. Custom cut base height to your specification. Finished in variety of options, Black, Chrome or Brushed Stainless Steel, to suit any decor. Table Bases - sTable Bases

                Table Bases - sTable Bases Cast iron table bases supplier. Restaurant Furniture, Cast Itron Table Bases. Restaurant table bases 1900 & 2000 series pages. Bistros 4000 series page. Heavy metal base 7000 series Oval Table Bases Model # 7029 & 7036. Restaurant patio umbrella table base 4000 series model 4524 and model 4624. We supply table bases to the hospitality industry furniture manufacturers throughout North America. From Surrey B.C. (Vancouver) Canada. High Quality Table Bases at Affordable prices. Contact Tony for more information. Thank you for your visit

                Table Tops by CraftWood 

                1900 Round Table Bases

                2000 X Table Base Series

                Flat Plate Table Bases 5217S

                4000 Bistro Table Base

                Indoor-Outdoor Ornate Table Base M #4524

                7000 Round & Oval Table Bases

                Hobnail Series Table Base

                3000 Round Radiant Heavy Base

                Bolt Down Table Bases & Legs

                Bar Height Table Bases

                1922ST 22" Round Stainless Steel Table Base Satin Finish 

                Round Table Base 1900C Chrome

                2100 Chrome, Domed Cross Table Base
                M1912 Bolt down table base


                Contact us - Request a Quote

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                Restaurant & Office Furniture

                Tables Tops, Stocking Chairs

                Bar Stools, Soft Seating and Antique Furniture

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                Cast Iron Table Base and Pedestals designed for easy installation & low maintenance. 

                High quality and affordable. Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Bistros, Pubs, Casinos & Hotels. 

                Choose your table base style, then click on the picture of your choice to determine the right size table base for the size & shape of your table top. 

                For assistance please email us your request. Email: sales@stablebases.com Tel:604-513-9286


                For More Table Bases choices click here                   Contact us            

                Round-Cast-Iron-Table-Base Four-Prong-Restaurant-Table-Base


                Round Spoon Heavy Table Base

                Indoor Outdoor 4 Prong Ornate-Classic Table Base

                1900 Round 

                Table Base 

                17", 22" & 30" diameter

                2000 X Table Base 22"x 22"

                22"x 29"

                30"x 30"

                 33"x 33

                Flat Plate Table Base 17" Square 


                7000 Spoon Round 17" 22" & 30" diameter

                Oval 22"x30",

                30"x 36"


                Vintage-Ornate table bases

                Indoor-Outdoor Ornate Table Base 

                M #4524


                Click on any table base image to view more information

                Stainless Steel Table Base Model 1922ST

                Round Chrome Table Base.

                Chrome table Base Domed Cross bottom


                Bar Height Table Base

                Stainless Steel Table Base, Brushed Satin Finish 17" and 22" Round 

                 Chrome Table Base 17", 22", 30" Diameter

                Domed Cross, Chrome Table Base 2100C S22"x 22", 30"x 30"

                Bolt Down 

                Standard height 27" & Bar height 40"

                Black, Chrome and or Stainless 

                  Bar Height Table Base available in all of the round 

                table base models

                For more table base choices click here... 


                When ordering, please consider which table base model and base style you prefer.

                Consider the quantity that you need.

                We ship table bases throughout North America. Please inquire about the shipping rates

                All orders & quote requests will be processed through our head office situated in Surrey British Columbia

                Contact Tony for more information.

                Feel free to place your request for information or a quote with no obligation to buy. 

                We'll be glad to assist you in your table base decision making process.

                 Service also available na Hrvatski


                Table Bases - sTable Bases | Unit # 2 - 9530 - 189 Street Surrey B.C. Canada V4N 4W7
                Phone: 604-513-9286 | Email: sales@stablebases.com

                Telephone support available Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30 pm PST



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