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                 TABLE BASES 

                  sTable Bases    


                  B.C. Canada   


                • Dining table base

                • Stainless Steel table base

                • Single column cast iron table bases 

                Canada's premier table bases supplier







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                By Phone: 604.513.0286



                About Us

                Table Bases sTable Bases 

                Leading cast iron table bases supplier to the hospitality industry.
                Located in Surrey (Vancouver) Beautiful British Columbia Canada
                In business serving hospitality industry for over 19 years. 
                We are proud of the fast reliable quality service offered to our valued customers        
                For More information Contact Tony 
                Tel: 604.513.9286 or email us at

                Our cast iron table bases are sold separately from the table tops. Table bases in variety of shapes & sizes. From Round smooth black surface to Classic (Ornate) with fine detail  design. Standard dining height at 28 " to Bar height at 42" Available in variety  of colors depending on customers individual taste. We also offer Bolt down table base in  standard dining and bar height for bars, restaurants and pubs. Table bases to suit any taste or design. Restaurant owner has options at their disposal. The table base is very important as it is an  indication of the owners attention to detail which will make all the difference in the diner's opinion of the restaurant furniture and the establishment.
                Select table bases that look good and have some decorative qualities to enhance the overall restaurant image. This can be in the form of cast iron motifs such as
                4000 Ornate series or  Spoon 7000 series
                Dining table base must be strong and heavy or bolted down to avoid the table being easily knocked over creating accidents. It must also be designed so that there is space for the restaurant guest to rest their legs & to dine in comfort.


                This is what our Customers had to say

                Hi Tony,
                I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for being such a reliable, helpful, and detailed vendor. 
                I was speaking with a couple of my co-workers this morning and I said, �Stable Bases is flawless". So I think I should let you know that, too, because that�s a pretty big deal ! 
                It makes our lives so much easier because we can rely on you to deliver the product on time, consistently.
                I believe it�s important to pass along good feedback.
                I wanted to pass along my gratitude and appreciation for what you do.
                Wendy T.
                Project Manager, Design Earls Restaurants


                The bases arrived today. They are great! My husband and I are very pleased.
                It was a pleasure doing business with you - great service and fast delivery.
                Thank you
                Lynn M.


                Hi Tony
                I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my M#4125 table base
                yesterday in Toronto from Kitty, and I absolutely love it.
                We put it together last night and I am so happy with it.
                 It is gorgeous!!!!
                Thank you very much for all your help and also thanks for a wonderful

                Michele W.


                 I picked up the other parcel today and put the base together - it looks great. I can't wait to get the granite top on it. You have been terrific throughout.
                Thank you

                 The quality and workmanship of your product is outstanding. I could not be happier with the look and style.
                Thanks again.
                Charles T. MI. U.S.A.


                 Thanks for your awesome service  Dave E. Victoria B.C

                 Thanks Tony, we're elated with your tremendous service & product.
                Portland, Maine


                 Tony.. Just wanted to let you know that the table bases arrived yesterday! They look awesome.
                 Thank you for the great, painless and friendly service!
                Cheers � Paul Victoria B.C.


                Hello Tony,
                I just wanted to let you know our order arrived on time and we are very happy with the table bases! 
                Thank you so much for all your help with this and for getting these shipped out so quickly!
                Best regards
                Lindsey A. 
                Santa Ana, CA

                Looking for more ideas ?     
                Feel free to contact us  or click on any link below form more info !!

                For more detailed information & to learn how to size table base to your table top 

                Visit our  home page at the link below. 

                Table Bases - sTable Bases  Home Page



                   Restaurant Economy

                   Round Smooth Table Bases 1900 Series

                17" Round Model #1917

                22" Round M #1922

                30" Round M# 1930

                Available at Standard dining height 28.5"

                Bar height 41" 

                   Economy 2000X Series Table Bases

                   Four prong table base sizes

                22' x 22' Model #2015

                22"x 30" M# 2099

                30"x 30" M# 2025

                33"x 33" M# 2033

                Two prong 22" x 5.5" M# 2065T

                   Heavy duty decorative Round Radiant Table Base 3000 Series

                17" Round M# 3017 

                22" Round M# 3022

                   Ornate-Classic table bases 4000 Series 

                16" Round Model #4616 

                23" x 3 prong M# 4023

                22" x 4 prong M# 4122

                24" x 4 prong M# 4524

                25" x 4 prong M# 4125

                26" Round M# 4626

                   Flat Plate Contemporary Table Bases 5101 Series

                17"x 17" Square plate Model #5101-17

                18" x 28" Rectangular plate table base M# 5101-28

                   Oval Table Base 7000 Spoon Series

                22" x 30" Model #7029

                30" x 36" M# 7036

                   Round Table Base  Spoon Series

                17" M# 7017

                22" M# 7022

                30" M# 7030  

                   Hob-Nail Round Table base

                22" M# HN22

                30" M# HN30"

                   Bolt-Down table base 1912 Series

                Standard dining height 27.5 Model #1912

                Bar Height 40" M # 1912BH

                Heavy Duty Bolt-Down Booth Table Leg - Model 2010

                   Table bases at Bar Height 42" available in

                1900 Series

                3000 Series

                4000 Series

                5101 Series

                7000 Series

                Hob-Nail Series

                Bolt-Down Series


                   Table Bases Size Recommendation

                   Colour Charts

                   Contact us

                   Request more information on our products

                   Request a Quote Web order form pdf.

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                Phone: 604-513-9286 | Fax: 604-513-9250 | Email:

                stable table bases for homes, restaurants, bars and the hospitality industry

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