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                Table Bases sTable Bases



                Stainless Steel Table Base    Brushed Finish





                Stainless Steel Table Base Round

                Stainless Steel table base  available in 17" and 22" bottom base diameter  













                Standard Components

                • 10"Top base (spider)  

                • 25"x3"D.Column  

                • Bottom base     

                • Tie rod             

                • Glides / Levelers

                Options include

                • 18" spider

                • set with 38" bar height column, overall base height 42" 

                • black foot ring 

                • Automatic Self-Adjusting Glides 


                Eliminates table wobble by 

                self-leveling to any uneven surface.
                No manual adjustment required
                400 lb load capacity per set of 

                Range: Up to 1/4" per glide  

                Sold Separately


                Determine the right table base for the size and shape of your table top. 

                For assistance please email us your request. sales@stablebases.com

                For Small Table Tops:

                Stainless Steel Table Base Model 1917ST 17" Round bottom  

                Stainless Steel Table Base 17" Round

                Model 1917ST

                Base Size 17" Diameter

                Weight 25 lb

                - Dining Height 28"

                $245.00 each

                - Bar Height 42

                $330.00 each

                Stainless steel components made in Canada

                 Suitable for the following table top sizes:

                • Round tables -1 Base 24" Diameter 3 Bases up to 72" diameter
                • Square tables  - 24"x 24"
                • Rectangular tables  - 1 Base: 18"x 24",
                • 2 Bases: 24"x 60" 
                • 3 Bases: 24"x 96" 
                • Maximum Table Top size at Bar height 24"   

                For Medium Sized Table Tops:

                Stainless Steel Table Base Model 1922ST  22" Round bottom  

                Stainless Steel Table Base Round

                Model 1922ST

                Base Size 

                22" Diameter

                Weight 38 lb

                - Dining height 28"

                $310.00 each

                - Bar height 42"

                $395.00 each

                Stainless steel components made in Canada


                Suitable for the following table top sizes:

                • Round tables  - 36" diameter
                • Square tables - 36"x 36"                                                                
                • Rectangular tables - 1 Base: 24"x 30" to 30"x 42", 
                • 1 Base with 18" spider 24"x 42" 
                • 2 Bases 36"x 72" up to 36"x 84" 
                • Maximum Table Top size at Bar height 36"


                Hello Tony,
                I just wanted to let you know our order arrived on time and we are very happy with the table bases! 
                Thank you so much for all your help with this and for getting these shipped out so quickly!
                Best regards
                Lindsey A. 
                Santa Ana, CA

                If your table size does not fall within these specs, please contact us for recommendations or download Table Base Size Recommendation.pdf.

                When requesting a quote, please provide the following information:

                - Your table top sizes, quantities, and weight if available. 

                - The table base model and or style that you prefer. 

                - For the freight quote, please provide us with your full shipping address.

                Email to: sales@stablebases.com


                Telephone support available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST 

                Telephone: 604.513.9286 


                Request a quote 

                Email to: sales@stablebases.com




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